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installation process

Step 1: 

The (3-4 man) crew will arrive at your home and start the ground preparation. First, the ground will be marked with spray paint or a string line. Then a small sod cutter is used to remove the grass where the curb is to be installed. This process will NOT disturb existing beds.

Step 2: 

Concrete is mixed with color additives on site using a small mixer mounted on our trailer. There will be no heavy equipment or concrete trucks on your property.

Step 3:

The concrete is fed into the extruder from a wheelbarrow. This created the shape of the continuous concrete curb.

Step 4:

The curb is then hand-finished using a trowel and special stamping tools.

Step 5:

Control/Expansion joints are cut approximately every 3 feet while the concrete is wet. The cut is approximately 1/3 of the way through the curb. This is to minimize cracking.

Step 6:

The curb is sealed using a clear concrete sealer.