Attractive, permanent landscape accent

More economical and durable than    traditional lawn edging
Multiple color and design options
Allows for design flexibility including    flowing curves, straight lines and    custom designs
Successful root barrier
Reduces edging and trimming time
Most jobs completed in one day
Professional appearance adds value to    your property
Existing landscaping not disturbed
Continuous curb with finished control    joints
Commercial curb available
Will not rust, decompose, break like    plastic or move like brick

Welcome to Curb Pros LLC.
Curb Pros specializes in continuous, decorative concrete edging for your home or business. Our concrete edging provides an attractive contoured border for your existing or future landscape and serves as weed and grass barrier by outlining flowerbeds, decks or trees. Curb Pros makes landscape maintenance less time consuming while providing your property with the manicured look it deserves.

Concrete landscape edging is a cost effective way to add beauty as well as value, to any home or business. Our product is a superior alternative to wood or metal edging and will offer your property many years of beauty.

Our concrete edging is installed in a one continuous piece giving your property a clean, professional appearance. This process, in most cases, is completed in one day using only the highest quality materials. Reinforcement fibers are added to all curbing to ensure strength and longevity in the finished product.

Flower or Garden Beds
Tree Edging or Circles
Paver Edging
Path Markers
Sand Boxes
Water Run-Off Control
Ponds or Pools
Fence and Property Lines
Parking Lots
Golf Courses

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