Installation Process

Step 1 - Site Prep

Crew ArrivesThe (2-3 man) crew will arrive at your home and start the ground preparation. First, the ground will be marked with spray paint or a string line. Then a small sod cutter is used to remove the grass where the curb is to be installed. This process will NOT disturb existing beds.






Step 2 - Mix & Haul

No Yard DamageConcrete is mixed with color additives on site using a small mixer mounted on our trailer. This is where the fiber mesh (polypropylene fiber) is added, also, the different additives we use to make our curbs the strong as they come. There will be no heavy equipment or concrete trucks on your property.









Step 3 - Pour & Shape

Concrete ShapingThe concrete is fed into the extruder from a wheelbarrow. This is also the step where the steel cable reinforcement is inserted into the curb while its extruded. The workman will carefully drive the curb machine in the trench from step one, making sure to keep the curb level and the curves perfect! This creates the shape of the continuous concrete curb.       








Step 4 - Stamp & Finish

StampingThe curb is then hand-finished using a trowel and special stamping tools.       






Step 5 - Expansion Joints

Expansion JointsControl/Expansion joints are cut approximately every 3 feet while the concrete is wet. The cut is approximately 1/3 of the way through the curb. This is to minimize cracking.       





Step 6 - Finishing Sealer

FinishedThe curb is sealed using a clear concrete sealer.






Before & After Pictures

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Before & After

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